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Jumpstart Your Career in 2021!
Whether you are new to the workforce or a more seasoned professional, it can be easy to lose focus on opportunities for progress. We get busy, time flies, and with the current pandemic, it may feel nearly impossible to reach any career goals. Layer on working remotely, with so many day-to-day tasks and projects at work, you may completely lose sight of the big picture from time to time or wonder why you took your job in the first place. Or perhaps you have a temporary position that you enjoy but aren’t sure how to take things to the next level.

In this webinar, we will discuss tips to help you jumpstart your career despite COVID-19, making you a better employee and more qualified for your next role, whether it’s at your current organization or another one.

You will learn:
- The first 3 steps you need to take right away to be more successful in your role
- How to develop and what to include in your Strategic Career Plan
- How to manage up and manage your time and relationships across your team
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