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NSPRA Insight: Maintaining Trust in Controversial Times
Talk to any guru in our school communication profession and you will most likely hear that trust is the bedrock of our success. They know that no matter how creative or engaging your communication offerings are, they won’t work unless you have earned trust with your school community, including staff at all levels, students, parents and community leaders. Earning trust, maintaining it and even regaining it after a blunder or two is always a high priority and a challenge.

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis, trust has become a high-wire act as communicators must pivot whenever new medical and government directives change previous decisions and the way school districts are teaching students.

During the first NSPRA Insight of 2020-21, a panel of school public relations veterans will share their thoughts on how to develop and maintain trust during this difficult period. Panelists will relay their varied experiences and answer questions from attendees.

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