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Raising the Bar on Bio Recovery
When first responders leave the scene of a crime, unattended death, drug lab, or similar situation, family and property owners need a different set of trained experts to respectfully step in when the unexpected happens.

For cleaning and restoration contractors, adding bio recovery to your lines of service often makes good sense. However, it is important that anyone doing this type of work receive proper training on technical, safety, and customer service, as there are elements unique to bio recovery.

In this webinar, Thomas Licker, president of the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA), will walk through adding bio recovery services to existing lines of work, while unifying a segmented part of the cleaning and restoration industry. He will cover what qualifies as bio recovery work - including crime scene cleaning, drug lab cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and more. Plus, he will bring updates on legislative efforts, the insurance claims process for bio recovery jobs, necessary training to ensure safety of crews and property owners, and the ethical guidelines contractors need to follow, especially when it comes to marketing these services.

Learning objectives for this webinar include:

- Establish a clear definition of the work that falls under the bio recovery umbrella.
- Learn how to do proper risk assessments and evaluate real-world hazards on every jobsite.
- Explain steps to grow, retain, and care for a team doing bio recovery work.
- Defining a Code of Ethics for bio recovery professionals.
- Defining a Code of Ethics for bio recovery professionals.
- Have actionable processes for getting paid.


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