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Making Digital Transformation Work for You
Since 2010, the topic of digital transformation has been the focus of considerable attention in every industry. It holds the promise of digital platforms that provide a single-source-of-truth for collecting, analyzing, and sharing data and information across the organization to allow immediate, data-driven decision making that can help to confront any operational challenge.

However, many organizations fall into the trap of believing that a successful digital transformation project is simply a matter of purchasing the correct technology, and that the technology itself will dictate the behaviour and processes that lead to organizational excellence. As a result, many digital transformation projects collapse and fail before creating any meaningful change in the organization.

Quality 4.0 can help prevent this. It’s a digital transformation strategy that emphasizes quality and robust processes. It addresses the interplay between people, processes, and technologies that enhance connectedness, intelligence, and automation. It also provides the discipline that produces effective and powerful insights for every organization embarking on the path of digital transformation.

In this webinar Nicole Radziwill shows how to create a digital transformation project driven by quality and performance. Attendees will learn about the following:

• The difference between digital offerings and digitization.
• The importance of strong leadership for producing the right results.
• Why process discipline, not tools, is the secret to a successful digital transformation.

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