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Know Your Rights: A Primer for Advocates & Service Providers
Pivot Legal Society recently released the Know Your Rights Handbook: A guide for people who rely on public space.

The handbook is a basic overview of legal rights designed specifically for unsheltered people who rely on public space. The handbook is informed by anti-oppression principles and recognizes that due to power structures and inequality, many people will not feel safe asserting their rights with law enforcement officers.

In this webinar, Pivot staff will present on the legal rights of people who rely on public space, with an aim to equip advocates and service providers to serve their clients and prioritize their rights.

Topics will include street stops and detention, rights upon arrest, rights in your home, the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, police search and seizure, bylaw enforcement, and private security guard enforcement. Pivot staff will also provide an overview of relevant police complaint processes and highlight the barriers that make these processes largely inaccessible.

Participants in this webinar may claim up to 1 hour of CPD credit with the Law Society of BC.

Nov 19, 2019 12:30 PM in Vancouver

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Anna Cooper
Staff Lawyer - Homelessness @Pivot Legal Society
Anna is a staff lawyer at Pivot and leads the homelessness campaign. She is driven to this work by her desire to address inequality in a systemic way. Her experiences volunteering in the Downtown Eastside and with the Elizabeth Fry Society influenced her thinking about inequalities in Canadian society and our continued criminalization of people who are racialized and people who experience poverty.
Caitlin Shane
Staff Lawyer – Drug Policy @Pivot Legal Society
Caitlin is a staff lawyer at Pivot Legal Society and the campaign lead for drug policy. She is also involved in other campaigns, including homelessness, and works to ensure that community input remains at the heart of Pivot’s reform efforts. Prior to her work at Pivot Caitlin worked in the Downtown Eastside as an outreach and harm reduction worker, providing frontline services in low-barrier housing, emergency shelters, community kitchens, and tent cities in Vancouver and Victoria.
Meenakshi Mannoe
Manager of Community Education @Pivot Legal Society
Meenakshi leads community education initiatives at Pivot. She has been involved with Pivot as an intern in 2010 working on Hope in Shadows, and in 2018 she was a summer research assistant. In her current role, Meenakshi brings intersectionality to Pivot’s work, a praxis envisioned by Kimberlé Crenshaw and a host of Black Feminist folk.