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Radio Ignite Live - Thinktank Thursdays
Radio Ignite Live - Thinktank Thursdays

Radio Ignite Live is a daily podcast where we will discuss different topics each day based on our Weekly Calendar available to both SOB and SOT members. This audio only podcast allows you to engage directly with us and discuss anything you wish that relates to the daily topic. You can call in, ask a question, engage in discussion, or just sit and listen. Each podcast will last only about 15 minutes, so you can get a dose of inspiration, maybe a few ideas, and then get back to your day!

On Thinktank Thursdays we'll discuss important topics like business strategies and pricing models. This is also a great place to discuss and share ideas about Partner Programs and partnering in general. We can also discuss funding, finance, and business structure. We'll dig a little deeper on this day to look at the big picture of running a thriving bookkeeping practice.

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Eric David Greenspan
Chief Clever Officer @74 Systems
I’m Eric David Greenspan. I’m the father of two boys, stepfather to others, and married to an amazing woman. I love marketing, technology, workflow and automation. I am fiercely passionate about my work and family. Whether it’s parenting, building a company, travel, sports or whipping up the perfect Caesar salad, I commit to excellence, always. I'm an entrepreneur and always have been. I like to make things work. I love creating mind blowing customer experiences and developing systems that get it done, with as few clicks as possible. My companies operate under 74 Degrees LLC, where I am Chief Clever Officer at 74 Systems., the home of the Ignite Program™, Websites That Work™, and the Accounting Workflow System™. We created and operate, and Accountants, Bookkeepers and Business Owners (ABBO) on Facebook. I am the author of "Pricing Your Practice - The Mindset To Get Paid What You Are Worth." I am the host of Radio Ignite Live™.