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Research Informing Hospitality Reform
The hospitality sector was uniquely impact by the C19 pandemic. While some establishments pivoted to food preparation and delivery, many were forced to shut down for over 16 months. Re-opening for in-door dining in July 2021 has led to extensive challenges of staff recruitment across the sector, along with claims by employers that this is stunting their recovery.
Speculation as to the causes of labour shortages has ranged from the continuation of the PUP, to migrant labour returning home, to the traditional precarity associated with hospitality work with staff reflecting and re-evaluating their career choices
The number one barrier to recruitment cited by survey respondents was the PUP, followed by higher wage expectations among candidates, a drain of international workers abroad, and jobs in the sector being perceived as "unstable".
(Irish Times, 3rd Sept)

However, the fact is that very little research has been conducted in Ireland to explore the reality of hospitality work. In this seminar, Dr Deirdre Curran and Dr Mary Farrell will present their research which will shed some light on the current challenges facing the sector, and open the debate on how the sector could be reformed to make it a more attractive job/career choice.

Paul, M. (2021, Sep 03). Shortage of staff stunts the hospitality industry’s recovery: Restaurants and hotels looking as far afield as Dubai to hire chefs, while kitchen porters are ‘an endangered species’. Irish Times Retrieved from http://libgate.library.nuigalway.ie/login?url=https://www-proquest-com.libgate.library.nuigalway.ie/newspapers/shortage-staff-stunts-hospitality-industry-s/docview/2568391661/se-2?accountid=12899

Nov 3, 2021 01:00 PM in Dublin

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