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Leading the eLearning Transformation of Higher Ed - Part Two: Ensuring Operational Effectiveness
This webinar will be broken up into 2 separate panels with the authors of each chapter.

Panel 1 (1:00-1:45pm ET) – Supporting Faculty Success in Online Learning: Requirements for Individual and Institutional Leadership

After 20 years of delivery of online programs, faculty development is recognized as a critical element of a successful online experience and is viewed as affecting the return on investment of the online program. The value and need for sustainable faculty support services is generally well appreciated and implemented. Faculty support has moved into the core professional development services offered by many institutions. Specifically, two domains of supporting faculty success in online education require particular consideration: (a) the development and preparation of the individual online instructor and (b) the institutional-level services to ensure online faculty success, including the appropriate institutional recognition of and incentives for online teaching. This webinar will offer a candid discussion of best practices in faculty development from several leaders in the field.

Presenters: Lawrence C. Ragan, Thomas B. Cavanagh, Raymond Schroeder, and Kelvin Thompson

Panel 2 (1:45-2:30pm ET) – Accessibility

Many institutions are making system plans for the digital accessibility of those with disabilities. This is because accessibility is the right and smart thing to do, and because it is the law. The time has passed for any institution to rely on post-hoc accommodations for digital access to its programs and services. Administrators who desire operational effectiveness must include digital accessibility. In order to oversee what for many is new work, there is a need to be aware of the big picture. This webinar will provide participants with an overview of components that are necessary as they transform the digital footprint of their programs and services to one that is accessible to those with disabilities.

Presenter: Cyndi Rowland


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