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CREATING RESILIENCE WITH DR. CAROLINE LEAF: How To Train & Strengthen Our Brains During Stressful Times
Dec. 14, 2021 - PART 3 Learn: 1) how to direct your brain for change, 2) how to use neuroplasticity techniques, and 3) why it takes 63 days of neuro-cycling to form a habit and change behaviors.

Jan. 25, 2022 - PART 4 Learn: 1) an overview of the 5 scientific steps of the Neurocycle, 2) mastering steps 1-5 of the Neurocycle, and 3) application to mind-management and mental health.

Feb. 15, 2022 - PART 5 Learn: 1) what brain-building is, 2) how to build the Neurocycle system, and 3) Application to learning and mental health.

Apr. 12, 2022 - PART 6 Learn: 1) how to use the Neurocycle to detox trauma, 2) how to use the Neurocycle to detox toxic habits and build good ones, and 3) how to use neurocycling as a daily routine to manage mental health
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