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Towards climate neutrality within 2050: Italy-Japan approaches on Earth observations for CO2 monitoring
The Paris Agreement recognizes the importance of scientific knowledge, including research and systematic observations, to support solid decision-making for tackling climate change. Mitigation requires national actions, however global warming is a planetary problem and greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions cross over the boundaries. There is therefore a need for improving the coordination of GHG observations at global level to provide reliable information, as well as standardized indicators, in support to the transparency framework and the global stocktake process of the Paris Agreement. Aim of this webinar, held under the framework of the Italian Research Day in Japan 2021, is to give an overview of the current Italian and Japanese efforts on GHG observations from space and ground-based platforms and discuss best practices and possible scientific cooperation towards the achievements of the Paris Agreement objectives.

Jun 25, 2021 09:00 AM in Rome

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