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AI for the Common Good
The Covid19 pandemic demonstrates the power, benefits and need for AI and Data to serve the public at large. It is now clear to all, this current crisis will accelerate digital transformation as well as the impact of AI & Data, driven technologies in all our personal activities as an individual and the society as a whole. Of course, positive aspects of AI and data are most of the time clear, but the concerns and risks as expressed the last years, are the same as before the pandemic of course. These concerns always start by putting our individual values and rights, our democratic society at the center. How can we make sure personal data are secured, individuals can keep control of want their data are being used for and to what benefit and for whom? Are we entereing the world of a new economic paradigm? The European perspective is that we need Human-Centric AI solutions for our economic “relance” and growth, that these technologies need to support SDG’s, provide e.g. quality care, especially to our aging population and solve many societal challenges.
In this session we debate the translation of AI for Good into the application and impact perspective: how AI can serve the Public or Common Good, how it will impact AI research and this with an emphasis on value driven innovation, starting from fundamental democratic values like “equality”, “freedom” and “fraternity”. But what does that mean when implementing such innovations, creating applications and services for the public interest? What role do Governments, Public Administrations play? What can be the role of Open Data and Open Science in all of this and how to involve of the public, social communities, in this process.
This session brings several concrete initiatives and frameworks to the table to show how trustworthy AI & Data applications can create an impact for society that lasts.

Dec 11, 2020 02:00 PM in Paris

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