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HCV Models of Care – Moving Towards Elimination
This series of four webinars will aim to facilitate discussions on strategies to initiate and sustain impactful hepatitis C programmes in South East Asia and the Western Pacific Region. The webinar series serves as a platform for communities and countries to share their individual learnings on elimination strategies for hepatitis C.

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, countries with high HCV disease burden are working hard to ensure that HCV care disruption is minimised and those most in need have access to care and services. There are government and community actors responding to the needs of people living with HCV, and much more can be learnt from them to inform our response towards achieving the HCV elimination goal in 2030.

Detail of the webinar:
Moderator: Dr B B Rewari, Medical Officer - Hepatitis/HIV/STIs, World Health Organization, SEARO

Speaker 1: Nalinikanta Rajkumar (Kanta), President, CoNE India - Community led HCV testing model and linking PWID to HCV treatment

Speaker 2: Prawchan KC, Sr. Program Manager, SPARSHA Nepal - Community based HCV Intervention/Model in Nepal

Speaker 3: Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan, Head of Services - Internal Medicine, Ministry of Health, Malaysia - Simplified & Decentralized HCV Care in Malaysia


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