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Keys to Culturally Responsive Practices


Jun 29, 2020 03:18 PM

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Mawule A. Sevon, M.A., NCSP, BCBA
Executive Director @The Key Consulting Firm
Mawule has earned recognition for her unique contributions to the field of education and mental health. The glaring racial inequity in how disciplinary action is applied across American schools has most captured her attention and catalyzes the focus for her professional practice. Having earned a master’s degree in School Psychology and national board certification as a Behavior Analyst, she uses her behavioral approach to impact the racial disparity in the educational system. With the specialization of diversity and social justice, Mawule has completed research, lead workshops, and facilitated discussion throughout the United States and abroad. Her philosophy centers around capacity building and empowering parents, educator, and communities by providing them the necessary information to make informed decisions. Today, Mawule speaks and trains professionals on fundamental fairness in education.