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Kantor & Kantor Explant Insurance Coverage Webinar

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Cari Schwartz
Senior Associate @Kantor & Kantor LLP
Cari M. Schwartz is a senior associate with Kantor & Kantor who joined the firm in 2014. Cari’s entire legal career has focused on client advocacy. Before joining Kantor & Kantor, Cari spent over a decade representing disabled individuals before the Social Security Administration and helped thousands of individuals obtain their disability benefits. At Kantor & Kantor, Cari represents individual clients all over the country seeking health benefits pursuant to individual policies and other policies that are exempt from ERISA. She has recently been working with women who have had or are planning to have explant procedures and are having troubles getting explants covered by insurance.
Elizabeth Green
Senior Associate @Kantor & Kantor LLP
Elizabeth K. Green is a senior associate with Kantor & Kantor who joined the firm at its inception in 2004. Elizabeth represents individual clients seeking health benefits pursuant to ERISA benefit plans. She has developed a specific focus on mental health benefits and particularly the protections provided by federal and state mental health parity laws. Elizabeth enjoys the unique challenges of ERISA and health law and being an effective advocate for her clients.