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Saturn Cloud Webinar: Styling R Shiny Apps
Learn how to make R shiny apps prettier.

In this live workshop, we’ll cover how to take a basic-looking R Shiny app and use CSS and Bootstrap to change the styling.

We’ll discuss the fundamentals of CSS and how it and the framework, Bootstrap, can be used to control layouts, fonts, colors, and even change how a Shiny app works on mobile.

Then, using Saturn Cloud, attendees will be able to interactively follow along with the workshop, try out what’s being taught, and ask questions. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a working, styled Shiny app and the knowledge of how to style apps on your own.

See you there!


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Jacqueline Nolis
Chief Product Officer @Saturn Cloud
My name is Jacqueline Nolis and I’m a data scientist in Seattle with over a decade of experience helping businesses solve problems with data. Today, I work at Saturn Cloud as the Chief Product Officer. For fun, I like to make watercolor and oil pastel art.