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RISK! Livestream Online Show 3/26/20
This is the RISK! Livestream Online Show that will take place on Thursday, March 26th at 9:30pm EST. Hosted by Kevin Allison, with incredible true stories from Vin Brue, Andrea Coleman, Felicia O'Hara, and Gail Thomas. Audience Q&A will happen at the end of the show.

This webinar will be just like an in-person RISK! live show, only online, with performers telling their stories on camera, live from their homes.

PLEASE NOTE: This show is intended for adults only, and there will likely be some R-Rated content verbally described (but not visually depicted) in the stories, so if you are watching this show with folks under the age of 18, please use discretion as to what you are ok with them hearing. Some of the R-Rated content that may occur in this show could consist of verbal descriptions of actual or imagined sexual, violent, disturbing or abusive activity, etc. This show will consist of individuals telling true stories on camera. There will be NO visual adult content in this show.


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