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Pingala Pre Power initiative - Coops for the energy sector
Coops are a legal form that is widespread in the energy sector in Germany and the UK. In Australia, Pingala have led the way with their Young Henry's community owned solar power station. Many of us are members of a Cooperative or Mutual through our credit unions or motoring associations. So what would it take to transform the ownership of our energy sector? Pingala are up for the challenge and they think the cooperative model could make our whole system better. Come and hear about the Pre Power One initiative, the support it needs to succeed and how it could transform the relationship electricity customers have with the grid.

Oct 23, 2018 5:30 PM in Adelaide

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Tom Nockolds
Champion for Coops @Pingala
Tom is one of the driving forces behind Pingala. Tom has a vision of a future where people share the benefits and the burdens of the world more fairly. He left his corporate career in 2012 to pursue this vision in the community energy sector.