Using Connext DDS Secure 6.0 to Authenticate and Encrypt Your System
Connext DDS Secure 6.0 introduces a robust set of security capabilities to your system including authentication, encryption, access control, and logging. Thanks to its support of secure multicast, Connext DDS Secure 6.0 enables efficient and scalable distribution of data to many subscribers. Performance is also optimized, because Connext DDS Secure 6.0 enables fine-grained control over the level of security applied to each data flow, such as whether encryption or just data integrity is required.

Connext DDS Secure 6.0 presents new capabilities beyond Connext DDS Secure 5.3, which was the first general-access release that fully supported the DDS Security specification. Today, Connext DDS Secure 6.0 supports more use cases and the latest OMG Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) Security specification (1.1).

In this webinar, Jose Lopez-Vega, Connext DDS Secure product lead, will introduce you to the RTI Security Plugins, which support the Connext DDS Secure implementation of the OMG DDS Security specification. He will also highlight tips and tricks on how to effectively switch to Connext DDS Secure from a Connext DDS system, based on the experience we have acquired from customers who are already using the product. Finally, we will cover the main changes introduced in the Connext DDS Secure 6.0 release (and upcoming 6.0.1 release), and the benefits these enhancements offer.

Watch this webinar and learn how Connext DDS Secure 6.0 can help you take control of your DDS-based system!

Webinar highlights:

-Benefits of using Connext DDS Secure to help secure your DDS-based system
-How Connext DDS Secure works with an existing DDS system
-The new features of Connext DDS Secure 6.0, and the upcoming 6.0.1 release

Dec 3, 2019 02:00 PM in Madrid

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Jose Lopez-Vega
Principal Software Engineer @Real-Time Innovations
Jose M. Lopez-Vega joined RTI in 2013 and is currently the security lead for the RTI Connext DDS Secure product. He has been an active contributor of the latest OMG DDS Security 1.1 specification. His technical expertise spans large-scale real-time distributed systems, security, and network protocols. He holds a PhD on Multimedia Systems, a MS in Multimedia Technologies, and a MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Granada.