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IDRONECT Overview Webinar
Join us in the IDRONECT webinar where we will be showing you how we make you Fly More with your drones. How easy it is to fly safe and legal. How to manage your drones and equipment, plan flights, log flights, perform live tracking and all the good stuff. All of this by demonstrating the application.

The webinar is completely free and we look forward seeing you there !

talk to you soon,

Tom from IDRONECT.

Dec 13, 2018 6:00 PM in Brussels

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Tom Verbruggen
Co-Founder and CEO @IDRONECT - The Drone Management Platform
Tom is the co-founder of IDRONECT and an aviation passionate. He is an airline pilot and aeronautical engineer. In 2015 he started together with Chris IDRONECT to make it easy to fly drones in a legal and safe way. In this one hour webinar Tom will show you the ins and outs of IDRONECT and show you how it makes your life as drone pilot easy.