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Test Driven Development in the Larger Context: TDD & ATDD
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Join us for a webinar where Scott Bain, CDAC/CDAI will discuss “Test-Driven Development”. It was originally suggested by Ward Cunningham in the mid 1990’s as a way for developers to generate code from unit tests. In the ensuing years, it has also been suggested that organizations can drive requirements into development by writing acceptance tests to guide the process. Which of these should we call “TDD”?

Which, if either, is more important, or should take precedence in terms of our attention and allocation of resources? Should we do them both? Can they work together? How does ether relate to traditional testing?

Scott will clarify the relationship between these two processes. How they are different, how they are the same, and most importantly how they can work together synergistically. He will demonstrate how TDD can strengthen any agile process. Along the way, you will learn why you should become “test driven”, what that means, and a powerful way to do it.

TDD is a very powerful paradigm for software development from business prioritization to requirements analysis through product design to working code. Join us and learn how it works, and where you fit into the process.

The webinar will include time for Q&A after the presentation.

Apr 28, 2020 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Scott Bain, CDAC/CDAI
PMI Senior Trainer @Project Management Institute
Scott Bain is a 40-year veteran in computer technology, with a background in development, engineering, and design. He has also designed, delivered, and managed training programs for certification and end-user skills, both in traditional classrooms and via distance learning. Scott teaches courses and consults on Agile Analysis and Design Patterns, Advanced Software Design, and Sustainable Test-Driven Development. Scott is a frequent speaker at developer conferences such as JavaOne and SDWest. He is the author of Emergent Design which won a Jolt Productivity Award, and the TDD Companion. He is a co-author of Essential Skills for the Agile Developer.