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Surface water in local planning
SCALGO Live is extensively used in local planning and at development sites. With three use cases from three different countries, this webinar offers an international perspective on surface water management in local planning.

The cases will be presented by our three guests:

Ilias Ben Chaabane, Engineer at Vandkunsten, will talk about surface water management at a development site in Ringsted, Denmark.

Natalia Budnik will show how she used SCALGO Live in an urban development project 'Klimatyczny kwartał' in Cracow.

Dimitry van der Nat, WRS will talk about natural solutions to improve ecological and chemical status in surface waters in Sweden.

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Ilias Ben Chaabane
Engineer @Vandkunsten
Ilias is an Engineer specializing in Architectural Engineering. He works at Vandkunsten Architects doing everything from landscaping and city planning to site plans, urban renewal and renovation of both residential and commercial architecture.
Natalia Budnik
Landscape Architect
Natalia Budnik is a Landscape Architect, currently working on the pilot project Klimatyczny kwartał in Cracow, which aims to improve quality of life through urban development, mobility and blue-green infrastructure.
Dimitry van der Nat
Ecological is a consultant at WRS (Water Revival Systems) in Uppsala, Sweden. He works as Head of the WRS section for natural surface water bodies and wetlands.