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Supporting Development of Ocean Acidification Water Quality Thresholds in California

- Nina Bednarsek, Scientist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
- Martha Sutula, Biogeochemistry Department Head, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
- Jonathan Bishop, Chief Deputy Director, California State Water Resources Control Board


The West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia (OAH) expert panel recommended development of OA thresholds to support water quality and marine resource management decisions, something which has been reiterated in California’s Draft Ocean Acidification Action Plan. This webinar presents: 1) updates on a project intended to help move toward such thresholds for calcifying marine organisms, 2) thoughts on how those thresholds might be used in early non-regulatory decision-making, and 3) perspectives on the steps necessary to translate thresholds into a regulatory framework.


The California OAH Science Task Force hosts these webinars to coordinate among and leverage scientific investments across the U.S. West Coast region, and provide a technical forum for two-way engagement between scientists and decision-makers. Funding is provided by the California Ocean Protection Council.

For more information, visit the Task Force website at

Aug 23, 2018 8:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Nina Bednarsek
Scientist in the Biogeochemistry Department @Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP)
Nina is a scientist in the Biogeochemistry Department at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) who specializes in the development of biologically relevant thresholds for interpreting ocean acidification data. She received her Ph.D. in biological oceanography from the University of East Anglia (U.K.), her M.S. in environmental diagnostics from Cranfield University (U.K.), and her B.S. in microbiology from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).
Martha Sutula
Head of the Biogeochemistry Department @Southern California Coastal Water Research Project’s (SCCWRP)
Martha Sutula is the head of the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project’s (SCCWRP) Biogeochemistry Department, where she oversees research related to the effects of climate change and anthropogenic pollution on acidification, hypoxia, harmful algal blooms, and eutrophication. Her research group combines the use of observations, experiments and numerical models to understand drivers and ecological impacts of these phenomena in streams, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters. She received her B.S. in chemistry from Purdue University in 1987, M.S. in public health from Tulane University in 1994, and Ph.D. in coastal oceanography from Louisiana State University in 1999. Dr. Sutula joined SCCWRP in March 2001.
Jonathan Bishop
Chief Deputy Director @California State Water Resources Control Board
Jon has served as Chief Deputy Director at the State Water Board since 2007, where he oversees the Division of Water Quality and the Division of Financial Assistance, amongst other responsibilities. Jonathan worked for the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board for 23 years before being named as Executive Director of the regional board in 2004. Some of the highlights of Jon's tenure with the Los Angeles Regional Board include the development of a new program to investigate the sources of groundwater contamination impacting drinking water wells, the development of a comprehensive water quality data management system, and, the adoption of the first urban trash TMDL in the nation. Jon received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in water quality from Humboldt State University.