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Reducing Recidivism & Empowering Successful Journeys of Change
Join us in the third webinar in our No Child for Sale Series - REDUCING RECIDIVISM & EMPOWERING SUCCESSFUL JOURNEYS OF CHANGE.

Youth who have been sex trafficked face a tough road to recovery. They often make their way into the "system" via activity identified as criminal - substance abuse, truancy, theft, assault, and more.

Many questions remain for those working with these youth. How do we best help them heal and not go back into a life that hurts so much? How do we meet them where they are on their journey, and empower them to choose a path of positive change?

This webinar will be focused on hearing from a great panel of practitioners that are making a difference every day.

Keyna Smith, Director of Anti-Human Trafficking at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center will share how they work with youth. She will set up the problem that we all face that recidivism is often seen as a "failure of the system", rather than a point at which we can intervene to empower successful change.

We will then hear from a panel of other practitioners including Jen Taber of Gracehaven, Dr Tanisha Knighton of Knighton Consulting Group, and more.  We will focus on answering questions including: 

- What does ultimate success for a youth look like?
- What are you seeing from your area of the field that needs to be addressed in terms of recidivism?
- What are success stories you have seen of helping youth walk the journey from survivor to THRIVER?
- Where are the gaps in the process that we can address together?

Join us for an invigorating discussion and learning session designed to help us all move forward in caring for victims of domestic minor sex trafficking.


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