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Planning and Neighbourhood Change
-Recent history: Localism Act, neighbourhood plans/consultation but slow builds, not keeping up with household demand/housing crisis
-Move to centralisation – Jenrick overhaul with new Housing Plan – the “mutant algorithm” & opposition Vs. housing targets – traditional NIMBY tensions
-Council allocations of land for development – calls for land, land use zoning and SHEELAs
-Impact of urban expansion on rural fringes – case study of Winchester
-Impact of reversion to brownfield first and infill – examples of urban disruption
-The need to pay close attention to land use changes and planning permissions/applications, especially land acquisition and prior failed applications that will come back amended
-The human impact of neighbourhood change
-Negative: noise, traffic, air quality, loss of view/value
-Positive: gentrification/renewal, precedent and trend for extensions, dormer windows etc. for improvements and capital growth/ forever homes
-The role of planning data and searches – recognising its importance
-Planning report features and availability


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