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How an Evolving Marketing Strategy Drives Value-Based Visitors to Your Destination
Let’s face it. 2021 continues to be the year of change. As marketers, we’ve implemented our strategic vision, however, we find ourselves pivoting to adjust to the changes within the ever-evolving marketing landscape. But one thing remains constant – our goal of attracting the highest yielding visitors to our destinations. Join Visit Tampa Bay’s Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick Harrison, Gulf Shore & Orange Beach Tourism Advertising Manager, Morgan Barna and Epsilon’s Vice President of Travel & Tourism David Chastain as they share with you how to best create an “always-on” marketing strategy.

You’ll learn:
• How a consistent digital media strategy drives positive outcomes
• New strategies for reaching individuals with a means to travel and how to prioritize these value-based visitors
• How Gulf Shores & Orange Beach was able to pivot and succeed through impacts of COVID-19, natural disasters and more
• Insights learned from Visit Tampa Bay’s recent hosting of Super Bowl LV

David Chastain, Vice President of Travel & Tourism, Epsilon


Morgan Barna, Advertising Manager, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism
Patrick Harrison, CMO, Visit Tampa Bay


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