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Cyber Security Awareness – Replication Devices (You Might Call Them Printers)
There is a security blind spot that many IT departments are not addressing, your printers. Often, we get blank stares when we broach the topic of print security and the vulnerabilities that come with printers. It is common for us to hear, “my printers are behind my firewall, and for that reason they are not a vulnerability”. This assertion could not be further from the truth, your laptops, servers, users, and network are also behind your firewall.

An unfortunate reality, many organizations conduct vulnerability testing on their networks, but printers are often not part of these assessments and are overlooked. Why should you care? Some of the most important information in your business interacts with your printers including confidential documents and user information such as passwords. Malicious actors know that printers are an easy entry point and the damage that can be done is significant.

Attendees of our webinar will learn many things, here are 3 takeaways you can expect.

• Most common security vulnerabilities associated with printers
• Hacker tools used on printers
• Best practices for securing networks from printer related vulnerabilities and threats

Attend our webinar on October 22nd and learn more about printers and how to protect your network, data, and business. We will be providing free security assessments for organizations that are ready to take the next step.

Oct 22, 2020 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Adrian Lopez
President @Lasers Resource
An alumnus from Western Michigan University’s Hayworth College of Business, Lopez has an extensive background in business and technology leadership. Over the past decade he has led multiple organization in both the technology and behavior health industries. During his time at these organization he has deployed solutions including cyber security solutions that protect against threats and network vulnerabilities. He holds several certifications including technical cyber security certifications specific to replication devices and other technologies.
David Rose
Americas Security and Solutions Business Manager HP Inc. World Wide Global Business Unit @Hewlett Packard
Prior to managing the Americas Solutions and Security Business for HP’s Global Business Unit Rose joined HP’s World Wide Security Practice as a Security Advisor, Rose was a Security Technical Consultant with HP supporting the South Central Region of the United States. In this role, he participated and coordinated numerous projects to strengthen customers’ print environments through the implementation of security best practices. Rose spends his time educating organizations on the risks and ramifications of not addressing and reducing the size of the attack surfaces in the print environment.