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Research and Practice in Multi-Faith Praxis
Research and practice may often seem positioned at opposite poles, having not much to do with each other. However, as the profiles of guests at the forthcoming AWoN Webinar will show, that does not have to be the case.
For dr. Ulrich Schmiedel, Lecturer in Theology, Politics and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh, practice is at the center of public and political theology.
Dr. Kaia Rønsdal, an associate professor in Leadership, Dialogue and Care in Plural Contexts at the University of Oslo, is concerned with practice informed research, thus keeping her academic work, both research and teaching in close connection to practice.
Dr. Karol Wilczyński, founder of Salam Lab – The Laboratory of Peace –applies acquired academic experience in his work as an educator, peace journalist and communication strategist. All three of them engage with multi-faith praxis on an everyday basis.


Ulrich Schmiedel is Lecturer in Theology, Politics and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh. The Deputy Director of Edinburgh’s Centre for Theology and Public Issues, he has written widely on political and public theology.

Kaia Rønsdal is associate professor in leadership, dialogue and care at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo (Norway). Her main research interests is human encounters, involving religion and migration, spatial theory, dialogue, and theological ethics.

Karol Wilczyński - founder of the Salam Lab, an educator, peace journalist and communication strategist. He deals with communication strategies of social and fundraising campaigns in cooperation with numerous NGOs and organizations. He provides media and social media training.. He wrote a doctorate on Arabic philosophy and bridges between Greek and Arab cultures in the Middle Ages as part of the Artes Liberales Academy.
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