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Presentation of coming calls
This workshop will give the opportunity to companies from the 3 countries to share their experience and consider future collaborations in the framework of ESA Calls (EMITS), European calls (Horizon Europe) or with a “Newspace” approach.
We encourage the participants to reach out / initiate contact with potential partners after the workshops.

o Introduction of the last updates of the European calls in the field of this workshop
● NCP Wallonia
o Pitch of companies with best assets to build consortiums for the calls:
● From Belgium: Amos, Lambda-X, SCouP, Centre Spatial de Liège (Liège University), REDU Space Services
● From Norway: T&G Elektro, EIDEL, Kongsberg Seatex
● From Denmark: Space Composite Structures DENMARK, Aarhus University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, FLUX
o Discussion / exchange between all participants - Q/A

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