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Design 4 Drupal, Boston August 2020 Webinar
Getting Graphic: Reinventing Design with Type on the Web

Presenter: Jason Parmental

Graphic designers have customized layouts and title pages in magazines for decades. But, between the limited technology of the early web, and our race to systematize design once we had sufficiently capable technologies, we’ve missed out on much of what good graphic design has to offer. Now that we’ve designed our systems, polished our patterns, and perfected our pages, it’s finally time to refocus on the specifics. With scaling typographic systems, we can leverage the power of modern CSS and variable fonts to create compelling, unique design variations tailored for the content they render. In this talk, Jason will look at powerful examples of publication design, and explore how many of those concepts can be incorporated in our own work in compelling and sustainable ways.

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Thank you to our sponsors Lullabot, Redfin Solutions, MacPhee Design, DevCollaborative, Oomph, American Graphics Institute, Talking Drupal, and Isovera for making this event possible

Aug 12, 2020 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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