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A Strategic and Financial Look at Collegiate Athletics
As the start of an uncertain fall semester looms closer, athletics departments are preparing for a range of alternatives to the traditional season. From delayed games, to postponements, to total season cancellations, coaches and college leaders are forced to weigh the financial risks associated with changes to their athletics calendars.

What are the financial consequences if the 2020 college football season is disrupted? Will the financial crisis lead to limits on coaches’ salaries? How will this impact tuition and enrollment revenue for smaller Division II and Division III schools?

Join us Wednesday, June 10, for a virtual forum hosted by Scott Carlson, a senior writer at The Chronicle, and strategy expert Paul Friga, co-founder of ABC Insights, as they explore current and anticipated changes to college sports and the corresponding financial effects.

- Bubba Cunningham, director of athletics, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
- Jon A. Steinbrecher, commissioner, Mid-American Athletic Conference

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