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Love, Set, Match: Re-set Your Love Frequency
I coach a lot of people in relationship crisis. Over the past 20 years, I’ve consulted with over 8000 people many of whom where looking for The One or who were unhappy with The One they had chosen. They felt unloved, unfulfilled and many times not safe. Many of these individuals were asking me about leaving this One and finding Another One more suitable. When we drilled down and healed the unconscious layers of crap, the answer invariably became not about the partner they choose but about the person they took into the relationship, themselves.
Unless you do the healing work, you bring issues from “situation-ship” to “situation-ship” re-creating the same crap over and over with some-One-Else.

These wounded imprints create distortions in our experiences of the good, the bad and the ugly and cause us to re-create repeated patterns of the same challenging experiences over and over until we clear and heal them inside out.
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