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Thriving Under Pressure: Crafting Win-Win Solutions In Time of Crisis
As the coronavirus has evolved from a regional crisis to a global pandemic, companies large and small across the world economy are, or will be soon, facing a variety of financial, economic and legal challenges that will impact all of their suppliers and service providers. This kind of uncertainty gives rise to a variety of important—and difficult—questions for law firms and their clients:

· What kind of pressures is the current crisis creating for companies and their legal departments?

· How will these pressures propagate throughout companies’ networks of suppliers and service providers?

· What tools and methodologies do law firms have in their arsenal to craft fair, win-win solutions that help clients address their needs while simultaneously providing a stable basis for profitability in the future?

Join our inaugural Legal Value Network webinar featuring a panel of veteran in-house legal operations executives and law firm pricing and legal project management professionals as we explore the impact of the current crisis on companies’ businesses and legal departments, and constructive ways of partnering to create favorable results for both firms and their clients.

Our featured Panelists include:
Alexandra Guajardo, Pricing and Analytics Officer, Shell
David Rueff, Chief Client Solutions Group Officer at Baker Donelson
Audrey Rubin, Vice President/COO, Law & Compliance Department at AON
Jae Um, Director of Pricing Strategy at Baker McKenzie
and Moderated by Toby Brown, Board Member, Legal Value Network
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