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The Role Of Drones In Medical Practice presented by Col. Paul Parker

Colonel Paul Parker qualified in Medicine from Queen’s University Belfast in 1985. After regimental service in Germany, Northern Ireland and Central America, he trained as an orthopaedic surgeon in London, Edinburgh and the United States of America. He became a consultant orthopaedic surgeon in 1998. One of the British Army’s most virile trauma surgeons: He has deployed regularly to Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and East Africa. He is currently a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Level 1 Trauma Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK and is Senior Lecturer in Special Operations Medicine at University College, Cork.

​​​​​​​His research interests include; forward provision of platelets and whole blood, electrolyte imbalance in massive transfusion, Bayesian analysis of pelvi-perineal trauma scoring systems, abdominal & junctional tourniquets and small-team crew-resource management at altitude. He has authored a number of very significant papers on casualty evacuation timelines, pelvic trauma, surgical workload and damage control surgery.

In Sweden and the Netherlands, when reporting a cardiac arrest, a UAV carrying a defibrillator can be dispatched to your location, using your phone’s GPS signal as a guide, within minutes. In Rwanda and Ghana, drones car­rying blood and medicines are tasked by WhatsApp or text message to remote clinics; 70% of remote area blood outside the urban centres in these countries is now delivered via these means.

Military UAVs now deliver supplies and ammunition forward and they are therefore ready to casevac patients from the battlefield - including hot zone collection.

Col Parker will examine how UAVs will influence battlefield resupply and casualty evacuation, including in-flight resuscitation and surgery on the asymmetric battlefields of tomorrow.

He will also look at how these lessons from the battlefield can be used in civilian medicine

Sep 15, 2021 08:00 PM in London

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