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Leadership — 6 years later with Kerri Rusnak
In 2014, Kerri spoke at Dare Festival, which later became Spark the Change. She delivered a powerful talk about the nature of leadership, with lots of personal reflections on the roles that she had at the REA Group. You can see the video of the talk on this page.

Kerri went on to live in Europe for several roles, working in Berlin and Stockholm. Along the way, she worked in very demanding leadership roles. In her Best of… talk, she will build on her 2014 talk with powerful insights on what else she has discovered about herself and how her experience of leadership has changed.

Kerri will join us via video from Edmonton, Canada.

Anyone is welcome to join this session. LAST Anywhere talks are something we are proud to create. We want o provide a valuable service to people in our community who want to keep learning, even though we can’t be physically present together, right now.

There will be no paywall for these talks. We only ask you to support us (via a “pay what you can afford” style link) if you get value from a session and if it makes sense for you e.g you have a work or personal training budget. Regardless, we will be thrilled to have you along.

We love you for taking part and want to put together more great stuff for you!

We will try our best to make the support worth it for you, beyond just our eternal gratitude.

Mar 31, 2020 09:30 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Kerri Rusnak