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How to transform 1 numbing behavior into a life giving habit!
When we numb ourselves, we deny ourselves the joy, restoration, and spiritual comfort God designed us to experience. So in honor of the upcoming Lenten season, join me in this 40 day experiment, where we'll learn together how to transform 1 numbing behavior into a life giving habit.

--We kicked off March 6th with a live webinar and explored *why we numb; *what we do to numb; and *how to identify when we're numbing. We also completed a guided reflection and set intentions for Lent.

--On March 27th, we'll go deeper into how to care for the vulnerable emotions that surface when you reduce numbing behaviors. We'll also touch on how to establish replacement behaviors for numbing activities. I'll walk you through a guided reflection so that you can experience real-time relief.

**If you are unable to attend live, I will email you access to the Webinars after they take place!**
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