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Lifesaving Protocol for At Risk Dogs: A Two-Part Webcast
In this two-part series, experts talk about how to give most dogs a fair chance at a live outcome through following a simple, easy-to-implement protocol that can be practiced in any shelter or rescue.

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Part 1: What is the Lifesaving Protocol for At Risk Dogs?

When it comes to saving healthy medium and large dogs who are declining in shelters, there are four, key elements to a successful approach: transparency, urgency, collaboration and case management. In this webcast, we’ll show you how to change the way you approach making life and death decisions for more challenging dogs by using these four strategies. Using real life examples of dogs who were at risk due to shelter stress, known behavioral challenges, or a long length of stay, we’ll show you the ins and outs of giving every dog a fair chance at a live outcome using this proven, checklist-based protocol. Get all the resources you need to start saving more lives immediately.

Part 2: The Challenges of Saving Medium and Large Dogs in Shelters
Thursday, October 24 at 12noon Pacific. To register, please visit https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_0hSVKB_lQCWfmyKrJ--vgg

Housing young, energetic, intelligent dogs in kennels for 23 hours or more per day indefinitely leads to shelter stress and undesirable behaviors, which can put dogs’ lives on the line. In this interactive webcast, we’ll get into the details of how to make changes to better serve this at-risk population of shelter pets. We’ll talk about real life case studies, show how the process works in one large municipal shelter and answer all your questions about what to do when it seems like there is no good answer. This webcast can be viewed on its own and will be useful to shelter leadership at all levels, as well as volunteers, advocates and anyone else who struggles to save big dogs’ lives.


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