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Music Changes Young Lives and Minds
Evidence that music changes schools and has a major impact on education and wellbeing. Any doubts? Our guests will convince you otherwise…

Our webinar taking place on Thursday 18 October at 3.30pm is aimed at primary and secondary school music teachers, heads of department, head teachers, peripatetic teachers and music leaders, and parents and carers.

We will cover:

•Music and child development in Primary schools and how cuts to music and the arts can affect the wellbeing of children
•Music minds – empowering teenagers to use music as a coping strategy and the impact of music on young people’s mental health
•A number of pioneering programmes in the UK which are empowering young people to replace negative coping behaviours with music
•How Arts Award is a flexible, accessible qualification with demonstrable evidence proving that it has a positive impact on young peoples’ education and life experience
•The wider positive impact of music in schools and how Arts Award can play a supporting role
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