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Cultivating a Service Mindset vs. Collecting Service Hours
An estimated 41% of college-bound twelfth graders regularly volunteer in their communities and engage in service compared to just 24% of those students who do not have postsecondary plans in senior year of high school (Child Trends, Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth, 1991 to 2016). Yet the way service is typically reported on a college or scholarship application is a numerical figure: hours served. Join admissions leaders and representatives from leading service-organizations like National Honor Society as they share and reflect on the 1) value of reading about applicants’ service activities, 2) service as an action vs. service as a mindset, and 3) the various types of service that are helpful for counselors, admissions leaders, and practitioners to consider as we communicate to students about the true value of service.

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