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Wealthy Creator Show
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How the Wealthy Creator Show works:

- They are hosted using zoom webinars and Michael Gebben the MIND Mechanic, ENERGY, & Clarity Coach here at NLC will come on live to answer your questions.

- You will be able to come on live to the webinar via a computer with a microphone and we can unmute you to help answer your questions.

- To ask a question, post "I have a question" in the Q&A box and we will un-mute you so that we can help/discuss.

- First come, first answered! When you logon to the webinar, our list of questions to answer is taken in order of who asks a question first in the Q&A box. If you want to be the first person to have your question answered, it's recommend you join the Q&A call 5 minutes prior to it starting and say "I have a question" as soon as the webinar begins. This is the best way to ensure you are in the front of the line.

- You can ask about literally anything.

Powerful question topics include:
- What should you be doing right now to get results the fastest?
- Anything related to Self Transformation.
- Anything related to solving a problem or having more fun in your company.

Rock & Roll,
- Michael Gebben.
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