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Thread Lifting PDO / PLACL
We will confirm the effectiveness and interest as the first attempt to meet with you through an online seminar. We will keep you updated of Alfa Medical and the latest medical product news with the ongoing webinars. We are delighted to launch its first ever webinar series and you are invited.

Thousands of fellow practitioners as world-class experts will join this webinar to observe and to discuss the latest technique of actual procedures. All free to attend from the comfort of your home and office using Zoom on your laptop and smartphone.

LIVE Webinar Schedule

May 20, 2020: Double Chin (Aqulift Cog Master Gear, Aqulift Dual Lifting) & Face Lifting (Aqulift Cog Master Gear)

May 27, 2020: Nose Tip Lifting (Aqulift Visu 1, Aqulift Visu 2) & Eye Cannula (Aqulift Visu 3)

June 03, 2020: Eyebrows Lifting (Aqulift Cog Master Gear 19G) & Face Rejuvenation (Aqulift Mono, Aqulift Cogging Screw Plus)

June 10, 2020: Multi Parts of Face (Aqulift Cavern Screw and Aqulift Multi Line) & Whole Face (Aqulift Cog Master Gear & Aqulift Dual Lifting)

CEST 09:30 am ~ 10:00 am: 30min Version of the Previous Webinar
CEST 10:00 am ~ 10:30 am: Intro & Lecture
CEST 10:30 am ~ 11:30 am: LIVE Demonstration (Face Lifting)
CEST 11:30 am ~ 12:00 pm: Q & A, Demonstration (Body Lifting)

Our Apologies

We’re sorry about the technical issue and delay. There was a technical issue at the first webinar due to its first time. So, we had to change the access link and the access ID. Now, the issue has been completely solved. No more technical issue and have fun in our next webinar.


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Webinar ID: 984 2134 5353

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