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New ECHA SCIP database reporting requirements for REACH Candidate List substances: free training webinar for North America & EU suppliers
Industry feedback highlights that many suppliers need help to ensure their products comply with REACH, RoHS, POPs, Proposition 65 and other substance regulations around the world.

For example, the REACH Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) was updated on 16 January 2020 and now contains 205 substances. Starting 5 January 2021 all companies in Europe are required to report information into the new European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Substances of Concern in Products (SCIP) database for any products they supply in Europe which include articles that contain REACH Candidate List substances above 0.1%. The reporting requirement applies to all companies in the supply chain, including the original article supplier (including resellers and distributors), suppliers of sub-assemblies and assemblies that contain affected articles, and the supplier of the finished product that contains affected articles.

Another example is the four phthalates which became restricted under the RoHS2 directive in July last year. All electrical and electronic products in scope must comply from 22 July 2019, except for Medical Devices and Monitoring and Control instruments which must comply by 22 July 2021.

This webinar will help you to ensure your products comply with these new REACH and RoHS regulatory requirements, in addition to POPs, Proposition 65 and other substance restrictions around the world. The agenda for the webinars includes:

• About BOMcheck
• RoHS2 Directive including new phthalate substance restrictions
• New ECHA SCIP database reporting requirements for REACH Candidate List substances and how BOMcheck reduces supplier time and cost for REACH compliance by 60%
• Demonstration of Regulatory Compliance Declaration tools and Full Materials Declaration tools
• Supply chain communication tools and assembly tools
• Questions and answers

To hear the audio for the webinar, we recommend using the speakers on your computer or using a headset.

Mar 18, 2020 03:00 PM in London

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