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Online Meetup: Escaping Big Tech With Traefik 2.0 by Chris Wiegman, Senior Software Engineer - WP Engine
It's a new year with new resolutions. Was one of yours switching to more private alternatives to big-tech ecosystems such as Google and Apple? If so you're in luck. This talk will cover utilizing Traefik and Docker for self-hosting solutions such as Nextcloud, Wallabag and others to build a secure and stable alternative to big-tech ecosystems. Join us.

About the speaker:

Chris Wiegman, Senior Software Engineer - WP Engine

Chris has been building local development tools and more in Traefik since 2015. Here he'll show you how it can be used in your daily life and not just your work life.

Get in touch:

Mastodon: chris@mastodon.chriswiegman.com
Twitter: @ChrisWiegman
Code: https://gitea.chriswiegman.com
GitHub: ChrisWiegman
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