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“Does a lack of sleep affect your weight?” masterclass with Nicky Blakeman
Our Resident Sleep Expert Nicky is back with a new masterclass entitled “Does a lack of sleep affect your weight?”
With so many factors to consider with weight issues – do we ever really consider the effect that sleep has?

Immersed in life with three small children, a full-time corporate job and various voluntary roles, Nicky got the wake up call to start her own sleep journey after a hospital referral for a possible brain tumour. Thankfully, only a life-threatening sleep debt was discovered and on the road to recovery Nicky realised just how little she knew about sleep and how life changing it could be. Having triggered the desire to share her discoveries with others, Nicky is now a trained sleep consultant, supporting exhausted parents to sleep well and parent with more energy and less stress.

Jul 13, 2020 10:00 AM in London

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