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Getting Started with Church Online: Sharing what we know to help with online worship, Bible studies, and meetings.
Leaders: Debbie Kolacki, Karen Ware Jackson, Mary Larson

The challenge of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) continues to be fluid, requiring our congregations to be both adaptive and creative in our ministry. Regardless of how you view this current challenge, there will be folks who choose to be cautious. We need to ask how we might be creative in our response. If your church is wondering how to begin to do church online, join us for a webinar to get you started. We will cover online worship, bible studies, and meetings. We'll talk about the basics of zoom, helpful tips for equipment and set up, how to help folks without computers phone in. We'll even help you find simple tutorials for your members new to the online world.

Debbie Kolacki, Karen Ware Jackson, and Mary Larson are PRC staff who work with churches and online meetings, webinars, and resources every day.


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