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Business Financial Health Check
The first action every business needs to take during an economic crisis is a financial health check. Understanding your business health will help you know where you need to make decisions and take action. In this webinar we will go through a business financial health check assessing:

-Profitability (Gross Margin and Net Income)
-Cash flow and working capital
-Cash and current asset reserves
-Key financial ratios and metrics

We will also explore the key financial metrics you should be tracking daily in preparation for taking action. Be prepared to jump into your accounting software and do the assessment on your business.

This webinar will be a foundation for all subsequent webinars in this series:

“Analyzing Business Cost Structures” (April 1)
“Cost Optimization Strategies” (April 8)
"Optimizing Sales Costs (COGS)" (April 15)
"Cash Flow Management" (April 22)
“Using Your Financials to Identify Revenue Opportunities” (April 28)
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