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How to Ideate Remotely With Your Team
Whether it's a global pandemic or just cutting cost on travel, there are times when you need to work with your team to generate new ideas and possibilities while remote. Join us for this one hour webinar on how to use the SIT Method with a virtual team. Your hosts, Drew Boyd and Darla Wilkinson, will share practical tips and techniques on how to make a virtual ideation session a success.

Specifically, participants will learn:
How to apply the Closed World Principle and Principle of Constraints to their innovation challenge.
How to select which of the five SIT techniques is best suited for their problem.
How to create a cross-functional “Innovation Dream Team” for a virtual ideation session.
How to run a virtual session using one of the SIT techniques.
Where to find additional resources and apps to be successful in the virtual environment

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To get the most out of this session, a working knowledge of the SIT Method is preferred though not required. If you do not know about the SIT Method, you’re welcome to listen in and find out if it may be of interest to you.
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