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Using big data for evaluating development outcomes: A systematic map
Presenter: Francis Rathinam
Discussant: TBC
Chair: Edoardo Masset

Significant data gaps remain in monitoring and evaluating development outcomes. Big data—that is digitally generated, passively produced and automatically collected—offers a great potential for answering some of these data needs.

The systematic map presented in this seminar highlights how big data is being innovatively used in measuring and evaluating development outcomes. The authors have mapped different sources of big data onto development outcomes to identify current evidence base, use and the gaps particularly in difficult and challenging development contexts. The map provides a visual overview of existing and ongoing studies. The risks, biases and ethical challenges in using big data for measuring and evaluating development outcomes will also be discussed.
The study will be a valuable resource for evaluators, researchers, funders, policymakers and practitioners in their effort to contribute to evidence informed policy making.

Jun 10, 2020 12:45 PM in London

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