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Activating Your Higher Purpose: Recognize Your Spiritual Mission & Embody It (Free webinar)
If you know you are here to serve and are eager to truly begin accomplishing your Higher Purpose in this lifetime, your leadership in assisting humanity and the Earth through these chaotic times of the planetary Shift is now becoming essential.

Your spiritual awareness, your desire to serve, and your compassionate Heart are greatly needed, as people in the world experience increasing anxiety, confusion and polarization. It’s time for you to step forward to assist in the unique way only you can!

Come join Darren Starwynn and Vidya Frazier in a free webinar to learn how to move past limitations, fears, and self-defeating beliefs in playing your role in the most fulfilling and effective way you can.

It doesn’t matter if you’re still unclear as to what your higher purpose might be-- you will have the opportunity to bring it to light. And if you are clear, but are encountering fears, challenges or other blocks, you’ll learn how to face and move past them.

In this webinar, you will:

• Become clear about what your higher purpose is

• Explore and discover the unique gifts, abilities and talents you bring to your purpose

• Become clear about the blocks you encounter in expressing your purpose as clearly and effectively as you’d like, and learn how to begin shifting past them

• Receive activations of your Light Body and DNA so you may express more of your conscious Presence in your body as a beacon of light

Oct 11, 2018 6:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Vidya Frazier