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Level 1 - Sacred Dance Meditation Virtual Class
This class occurs on Thursdays from 8 - 9 a.m. pacific time. It is advised that you take the Introductory Course first. This class provides a sacred reading, learning a spiritual principle, and applying choreographed sacred dance to infuse you with a sense of connectedness. You may participate at your comfort level from where ever you are! If you can't make this class, you can chose to join "On Demand."
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Dr. Carla Walter, PhD, MBA, C-SP, C-AOP,, C-D/MT, C-S/MT
Owner @Dance in the Spirit, LLC
Dr. Carla Walter, PhD, MBA, C-SP, C-AOP, C-D/MT, C-S/MT loves dance and the power it holds to change lives. She has more than 30 years of experience working with others to help them with mental and spiritual development through sacred dance. At this point she is focused on teaching sacred dance meditation, a process that brings together the body, mind, and spirit in a gentle and loving way to facilitate spiritual experiences and intentional Realization. In her classes, she introduces a short spiritually based choreography, connects it to a sacred practice done by people around the world, and shows you how to carry it with you through the day. The choreography is beautiful but low impact and easy to learn. You don’t have to know anything about dance. The spiritual practices include western and eastern philosophies. The purpose of Sacred Dance Meditation is for you to remain Awake, and in touch with your body, mind, and spirit all day.