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Fridays @ The 5th LIVE
Hey Musical Theater heads... Fridays @ The 5th doesn’t stop just because we’re all stuck inside!
Join us for FRIDAYS @ THE 5TH: Long Distance!
A FREE online event for students
4 PM every Friday
"Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off: Rolling with the punches of live theater!"
With Guest Panelist, Lisa Estridge

Ever had the lights go out mid-show? Or an amazing moment of collective onstage giggles because of an unexpected prop malfunction? Did you have an amazing show you worked incredibly hard on get cancelled due to COVID-19?
Join us on ZOOM, as we commiserate and celebrate all things live theater—in all it’s soul affirming wonder and… total frustration.

Guest panelist Lisa Estridge (Mamma Mia, Into The Woods, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, Xanadu) will answer audience questions and share about her experiences rehearsing her Sister Act dream role at The 5th and how she’s kept on rolling with the punches throughout her career. This week we celebrate resilience, resourcefulness, and rockin' on!

Don't miss this very special Q&A and tech-facilitated “group hug” for Washington state theater teens. Rehearsals might be cancelled, but the spontaneous musical numbers MUST GO ON! #sharethemusicals
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